Innovative Night Experience

The high-end party scene in Leo is unmatched, with an exclusive ambiance that attracts the most discerning clientele. The atmosphere is surely nothing short of exceptional, with impeccable service and world-class entertainment that leave guests mesmerized. 

We will be bringing the glamour and extravagance of European-inspired ambiance to life with our dinner show. The dinner promises to be a feast for the senses, transporting attendees to a world of wonder and luxury.

The music at Leo is curated by renowned DJs who know how to get the crowd moving with their beats. Expect a diverse range of genres including a sound system that is state-of-the-art and promises an immersive audio experience that will leave you wanting more.


As you soak up the atmosphere, why not indulge in one of our many champagnes? We have an extensive selection of some of the world’s finest bubbles!

Our trained staff is on hand to help guide you through your options and make sure that your champagne experience is nothing short of perfect.

Make sure to pair your drinks with some delectable dishes from our gourmet kitchen and indulge in a culinary experience like no other.

The bar boasts some of the most skilled and experienced bartenders, who have earned a reputation for creating some of the best cocktails around.

These talented mixologists pride themselves on crafting unique drinks that perfectly complement customers’ preferences. From classic cocktails to contemporary creations, they use only premium ingredients to ensure guests get the best possible experience.

Our modern twist on classic cocktails brings new life to old favorites and introduces guests to exciting flavor combinations they may never have thought possible. But what really sets our mixologists apart is their ability to show guests how classic cocktails can look on a modern menu.

With its breathtaking views, sophisticated decor, and unparalleled level of luxury, Leo truly stands out as one of the best nightlife destinations around.